The promoters of First Impact Institute of Communication (Set-up in the year 2006) felt the need to equip the students with the skills of ‘Tomorrow’ making it much easier for them to get absorbed in their ‘Dream Job’. We all know that the present education system in India stresses mostly on theoretical knowledge and things like ‘Life Skills’ are left on the backburner. FIIC aims to change all that.

Proud to be nominated as India’s hottest start-up by TATA-NEN.

The opportunity..!!
There is a huge shortage of soft skills in the job-seekers of today. With the coming of multinationals and other retail giants, a lot of stress is being laid on the importance of Soft Skills. Hence, this great business opportunity.


Communication skills are an essential element every employee must have as part of their standard tool set. In this course, through interactive workshops, self-assessments, role-playing activities and video simulations, you gain practical experience initiating and responding to various forms of communication.


If you’re searching out your dream job, think “we,” not “me.” That’s the word from a top executive in the HR field who maintains that interpersonal skills, or “soft skills,” are more important than ever in securing that cherished job.


Ever come back from a job interview feeling dejected and disappointed? How depressing it feels? You know you could have done better, had there been someone to guide you. To tell you that the smudge on the resume is not right, you should not wear sneakers with your suit etc. and who could have even helped you with practice on mock, audio and video interviews. This is where we step in.

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