First Impact Institute of Communication (earlier known as The Interview Academy) was set-up in the year 2006. The promoters of this unique venture are a group of professionals from the streams of Media, Engineering and Information Technology. They have more than 35 years of joint professional working experience in Australia, Canada and USA.

The CEO of the venture is Hardeep Singh Chandpuri, who is a SAP (HR) professional and a well-known media personality. He also has wide working experience of working in four different countries. He felt the need to equip the students with the skills of ‘Tomorrow’ making it much easier for them to get absorbed in their ‘Dream Job’. We all know that the present education system in India stresses mostly on theoretical knowledge and things like ‘Life Skills’ are left on the backburner. FIIC aims to change all that.

With the coming of multinationals, the demand and requirements of the employers have changed manifold with a lot of stress being laid on ‘Life Skills,’ rather than just paper qualifications. Anyone missing out on this important but, often ignored aspect stands to miss, many a golden chance.

This is where we step in. To help you make full use of that golden chance and help you ‘Cross the Final Frontier’.